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Eureka Math

We are utilizing Eureka math schoolwide at Anderson. This comprehensive math program is aligned to the state standards and will change the way our Admirals think about math! Below, you will find more information about each step in the Eureka Math lesson. 

Fluency Practice: Almost all lessons begin with this component to support development of fluency skills for maintenance (staying sharp on previously learned skills), preparation (targeted practice for the current lesson), and/or anticipation (skills that ensure that students will be ready for the in‐depth work of upcoming lessons). This component provides daily opportunities for students to gain confidence and motivation for continued learning

Concept Development/Problem Set: This component addresses the new content being studied. The concept development is generally comprised of carefully sequenced problems centered within a specific topic to begin developing mastery via gradual increases in complexity. It is also accompanied by an additional set of carefully crafted problems called the “problem set.” Teachers are encouraged to make choices within this set of problems to provide their students with generally about 10 minutes of additional practice.

Application Problem: This component is a word problem that is included to provide students with an opportunity to apply their skills and understandings in new ways.  

Student Debrief: Every lesson closes with this critical component in which the teacher engages students in a whole-group discussion, challenging them to share their thinking and draw conclusions.