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Reopening Schools 2020-2021

NHCS is open under Plan C through the first grading period and will transition to Plan B  under the AA/BB model on October 12th.
Beginning on Monday, October 12 students in groups A and B will rotate in-person and remote attendance, with students in Group A attending on Monday and Tuesday and students in Group B attending on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a remote learning day for all students. Group assignments will be communicated at the school level. Families who still want a full remote option will be able to participate in a 100% remote learning option.

Students with an Individualized Education Plan or IEP, and English language learner students, identified by our ESL programs as newcomers with two years or less in the US, will be invited to attend school for face to face instruction on days A and B, attending school, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a day of remote learning for all students. 
Under Plan B, AA/BB schedule, there is no change to instruction for students enrolled in Virtual Academy. Families wanting to transition out of the Virtual Academy can do so at the end of the nine-week grading period for elementary and middle school students and at the end of the semester for high school students. 
What to Expect When Your Child Arrives at School

In accordance with the Governor's Executive Order and subsequent guidance provided by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the NC Department of Public Instruction, New Hanover County Schools has implemented changes and new requirements for bus transportation. They include:

  • Families are required to have on file a Parent/Guardian Attestation form prior to utilizing bus transportation. The Parent/Guardian Attestation form can be found at https://www.nhcs.net/nhcsreadysetreturn. Completed forms may be emailed to bus.attestation@nhcs.net or turned in at your school. Schools are able to print forms for parents who are not able to.

  • Per the attestation form, temperature checks and symptom screening shall be done at home prior to the student leaving for the bus stop.

  • A face mask is required for all students riding the bus. There are no exemptions while riding the school bus.

  • Seating on the bus will be limited to one student per seat. Exceptions will be made for members of the same family.

  • Due to the reduced capacity of the buses, routes and stops have changed. Individual stops are combined into community stops.

Please verify your students' route and stop time before the start of school on Monday, October 12, 2020. NHCS appreciates the community’s cooperation and understanding.

Bus Routes for AA:  https://resources.finalsite.net/images/v1602098895/nhcsk12ncus/riecjpoeppo7nxj19r4x/AndersonAA.pdf

Bus Routes for BB:  https://resources.finalsite.net/images/v1602103591/nhcsk12ncus/lsamzmn3hsxeywx50r1f/AndersonBB.pdf

Plan AA/BB Question and Answer Documents

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